Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas + OOTD

Christmas Eve
December has always been my favourite month of the year. Not only my birthday falls in December, it is the season of giving and feasting too :)

So this Xmas eve, a few close friends gathered together at Shane's place for potluck.

Next up, it's gift exchange. We played secret Santa and I was in charge of getting a gift for Shane. My secret Santa got me a Clarins eye shadow palette and i love it to bits. Makeup will never go wrong for me :)

My secret santa on my left :)

IT gadgets will never go wrong for guys!

Bf got an Ipad cover + one stack of ji pa ban notes. Haha

Shane's new Nike Tee!

Aloy got us Xmas hats to hype up the Xmas mood :)

Pictionary next. Try guessing what we have drawn. Haha.

Christmas Day
Christmas day is always spend with bf's extended family. This year is no exceptional. We had pot luck at Aunt Lois's place. Food and company were awesome. We played dirty Santa and it was so hilarious. Ended the night with Magnum ice-cream :) (Photos credit to Han Siong)

Here are some of my recent OOTD outfits.

Cherie Cut Out Dress in Navy Blue (Available here)

 Orella Printed Pants in Plum Purple (The blue version is available via backorder here)

 Upcoming pleated skirt in water colour.

Upcoming pleated skirt in floral print.

Upcoming lace romper in white.

Oriental collection three will be launched on 17 Jan 2013. I'm loving all the pieces in this collection and I can't wait to show you girls the full preview. Till the next entry :)

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  1. It's 2015.
    Nobody knows why Amber Avenue vanished into thin air. Thanks for all the lovely clothes, AA. Memories were forged in AA threads.
    I miss you, Amber Avenue.